Configure Roles

Configure Roles

Configure Roles

  1. Click on Roles at the left side menu

  1. Click on the (+) icon in the top right of the screen

  1. Enter the Role Name such as "HR Manager" , "Office Administrator", "Foreman" etc.
  2. Enter the Role Description such as "Responsible for labours attendance onsite" , etc.

Permission Matrix: Is the table that includes permission types "View, Create, Delete, Update" in its columns and the System Modules in its rows
  1. Click on the button in the permissions matrix to enable or disable the Role access to a specific System Module
  2. For Example:
    1. HR Manager has the system full authority but he/she can't view, add, or delete other system's users to use the application, the permission matrix would look like the screenshot below

Please note, some modules permission can't be enabled and it will be always disabled. Such as Create permission to Attendance Log module, since Attendance Log can't be created

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