what's Attendlab

What is AttendLab®?

What is AttendLab®?

is a software as a service application (SaaS) that works 100% over the cloud or the internet. AttendLab® System consists of two major applications work simultaneously; Web Application and a Mobile Application. AttendLab® is a registered trademark and product that designed, developed, and operated by Haya Solutions Inc. Ontario, Canada.

AttendLab® Logo

The logo consists of letter A and L stand for Attend Lab, and its colors and design as shown in the above photo. The logo is a registered trademark for Haya Solutions Inc., Ontario, Canada.

What AttendLab® do?

AttendLab® helps organizations tracking their people attendance by recognizing their faces, location, and the time they check-in or check-out the organization facility, premises, or working field. All work over the internet, so people can check in or out from the workplace by showing their faces to a mobile or tablet device connected to the internet; and immediately HR or Team Manager can view people attendance from a computer connected to the internet.

AttendLab® is designed to upload people photos in each employee's profile and the Mobile Application can recognize their faces and check them in or out the Organization. So it replaces the old Biometric Technology that lock organization with specific devices and uses fingerprint or cards.

AttendLab® Features

  1. The first Face Recognition Attendance System that works 100% over the cloud, you don’t need to worry your data securely stored and backup
  2. No technician needs to visit your office. You don’t need servers, special devices, or networking to use AttendLab®
  3. You don’t need a special device, just download the Mobile Application and it is your attendance device
  4. It has a 100% Free plan can be used by small businesses
  5. It works remotely and it can be used anywhere, you just need the Application downloaded on a device connected to the internet
  6. No technician needs to visit your office or site. You don’t need servers, special devices, or networking to use AttendLab®
  7. Audit Log: Admin can easily track other users’ activities and know when they log in or out, and what they have done
  8. Multi UsersAdmin who has full system rights, however Admin can invite other users and grant them access permissions as needed
  9. Multi Locations and Applications: You can add as many locations and associate mobile Applications to each location
  10. Multi Time Zones: Locations can be in different time zones and the application will convert them to a single time zone in reporting time
  11. You can restrict the Mobile Application to lock it in the organization facility, premises, or field by two or both ways IP Address and/or Geographical location on the map
  12. 100% Facial Recognition Accuracy
  13. One Second face recognition time

Who can use AttendLab®?

AttendLab® works best for companies have many employees in field such as construction and service business. It also helps Education Industry by tracking students in field or school buses. In addition, AttendLab® works very well in office environment and Medical premises preventing infection control by minimizing the cards or fingers touch. Many other businesses and industries can get benefit of the Facial Recognition since it is the most secure technology to identify people. This industries could be Banks, Oil and Gas, Governments, etc.

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